Hard Drives not shown in NextCloud

I have installed dietpi with nextcloud I have a 120G miro SD card that has the image on it and I have it up and running.

I have went into the dietpi and confirm the disk are mounted (4) 2TB SSD, they are not being seen on nextcloud its only showing my SD card total space.

I tried to format the disk to ntfs and EXT4 did not change anything.

These harddrives are in my QUAD SATA KIT FOR RASPBERRY PI 4
The link below is the specs of the unit

Any suggestions?


I should note I am able to access the NextCloud via phone and computer web portal to upload items. But for some reason I think something in dietpi might not be correct.

Did you put your data folder on this mounted disk?

Not sure if I did I have 4 2TB drives plus the SD card the image is on could you tell me how to do that?

I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. Nextcloud will not just “see” any attached hard drives. It’s not a samba share…

Explaining the basics is better done by the documentation or one of the many tutorials one can find online :slight_smile:

I got you all are going to LOL at me but I forgot to put the USB plug into the back of the unit lol thank you