Handshake Failed on Talk App Login on Android

Hello there,

as mentioned above I have a problem login into the nextcloud talk app on my redmi note 5 running android 9.

As soon as I want to log in I get the error “handshake failed”. Doesn’t matter if I put a https:// in front or not.

the weird thing is that it’s working on two of my friends phones running android 10 and the latest iOS (don’t know which one that is…). Is it possible that the talk app has any issues with Android 9 and lower? (it’s also not working on other phones with older operating systems)
or is this a server config issue?
I would really appreciate any help!

Hi @reneas

Do you only allow TLS 1.3 connections to your server? If so, this may be the reason. As far as I know, not all devices with Android 9 already support TLS 1.3.

hi @bb77 and thanks for the quick reply!

as far as I’m informed, it should allow v1.2 as well as v1.3!