Handling afterCreate event in SabreDAV plugin

Hi I’ve been creating my SabreDAV plugin for nextcloud these days but having a problem. I’m not finding an api to set or change properties inside the event handler.

In other words, I’m not finding what I want in SabreDAV official documentations (SabreDAV/Properties)

For example, the handler I’ve written are like these:

use OC\Files\Filesystem;
use Sabre\DAV\ICollection;


		Interferencing propfind with an addition of file hash in response.
		.... but seems no way to save it directly into webdav props storage...?
	function handlePropfind(PropFind $propfind, INode $node) {
            	$hash = hash_file("sha256", Filesystem::getLocalFile($node->getPath())); // Hash is now calculated in runtime but will store to db?
                $propfind->handle('{http://owncloud.org/ns}checksum', $hash);

		Handling file creation event.
	public function afterCreate($path, ICollection $parent) {
		$node = $this->server->tree->getNodeForPath($path);
		$hash = hash_file("sha256", Filesystem::getLocalFile($node->getPath()));
		// Seems no way to store it back to webdav...

I’d like to set the hash to the node in afterCreate() so the handlePropfind() won’t need to calculate it again. (Or just calculate if there isn’t one)

Anyone can help on this? Thanks in advance.