Hand over files

There seems to only exists options to share files. I am looking to give files to another user, and then remove them from my own account.

Example use case:
I’m on a trip with someone, and they would like me to take some pictures of them. I take a lot of pictures and they get automatically uploaded to my nextcloud through the nextcloud app. Great!
Now i already have the pictures uploaded, and my friend happens to also have an account on the nextcloud. I want to give these images to my friend and then get rid of them from my own nextcloud, since they’re not really my pictures. It is of course possible to move them outside of nextcloud or do other tricks to achieve this, but I would like to find out of this is possible purely through nextcloud?

I have so far only been able to find file/folder share, but it isn’t clear what would happen if i share the folder with pictures and then delete it from my own cloud?

The system administrator has a way to do that via occ command. occ:transfer [patch] takes care of ownership changes … but it is not a user to user transfer process today.

But it could be. Other platforms allow it why not Nextcloud?