Hackweek: April 9-13 in Stuttgart. Join us!

We’re organizing another Hackweek from April 9 to 13 in Stuttgart. If you’d like to meet fellow Nextcloud coders, discuss, learn, participate, get some work done: this is a great and fun opportunity :wink:

Everyone is invited! read more about it in the blog post.

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I am working nearby, i love to come , but I am scared of people :smiley:

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Is there a good suggestion for a cheap accommodation for sleeping?

Hackweek not Sleepweek :wink: If you consider to join, @jospoortvliet can certainly help you to find an accommodation, if he’s too busy for the forum, just send him a personal message (you find his mail address on his github profile).

What’s the event time? 8AM to 5PM?

Generally 9~10 to whenever people fall asleep :stuck_out_tongue:
Some people did stay until very late. Others (like this old guy) go back to the hotel earlier :smiley:

you’re not alone, several of us are, too, so we tend not to bite… Next time maybe :smiley: