Hacked Dropbox Nextcloud App in store? Seems not

Dear Support,

There was an App that aim was to try bring Dropbox back to NC, but Repo ist died (latest commit 2 years ago): https://github.com/icewind1991/files_external_dropbox

Nevertheless currently somebody registered/updated this application in Appstore https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_external_dropbox with reference to old repo where nobody did any update.

It could be that somebody overtake the App name and try to hack our NCs. I did not install this app, but have one manually installed from the repo and have had update notification. Please check it!!!
I would love it if this is false alarm.

UPDATE: Link in apps.nextcloud was updated to other repo, that is a fork from initial: https://github.com/DJaeger/files_external_dropbox/

I think that is the way how open source projects are working. Afaik the Nextcloud team is not verifying un-official external apps.

@Gladdle Can you please provide some insight about the current app status.

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After update of link in apps.nextcloud I could see package content. My concern was based on case when old repo link as homepage exist, but somebody change content of package that was never changed. Have nothing against, if somebody finally maintain this app.