H5p integration for school

for the use of Nextcloud in schools, an integration of h5p for teaching would be very desirable.
Students can use it to design their own apps for learning.

We are missing this application right now.

H5p is firmly integrated in Moodle and is also used intensively by schools.

Best regards

I fully subscribe and support.
We are already using Nextcloud for little Middle School in Madrid.
Students share experiences and materials through…

Adding H5P functionality support would be great.

NOTE: i know we can do it via Moodle LMS and then re-use via the NC connector to. Yet, for simple H5P activities / excersise isn’t added (+ Moodle) burden / complexitiy )

As i understend, H5P basically requires some sort of (PHP) backend … that we are already basically providing with NC.

That would be nice to hear about in the future… !