Guests - feature request, blacklist of mail domains for invitations

Hello everyone,

An interesting feature in the Guests application would be the ability to create a list of unwanted email domains to which you cannot send invitations.
For example, in an organization, to maintain order, users are expected to use their regular Nextcloud accounts and not send guest invitations to email addresses in the organization’s domain.
The solution would be to create a blacklist of email addresses / domains to which you can not send guest invitations.

Please consider the idea :slight_smile:


Do these invited users already have an account in Nextcloud? i don’t think anyone will want to use two different user accounts. Perhaps better documentation would be more important here than a new feature.

I also find the app Guests very good. Probably too little attention is paid to the app from the Nextcloud users.

That’s right, but with more users, there will always be some forgetful ones. The administration of rules is always more effective than instructions. ACL for invitations could also come in handy in other situations.


Maybe you find and issue or create a new issue here. Please explain your issue very comprehensive.

If you have no account at Github send me a PN with your issue and i create an issue for you.

But I think it will not be implemented so quickly. In the end it doesn’t make a big (mostly security) difference if you share a folder via public link or via app Guests. The security advantage is the guest app itself because it need not to send a link (without password) or a password to the receiver. The receiver uses self service for his/her account. But that belongs not to your problem. For you it is more an organizational problem and a new feature.

Yes, it is about new feature :slight_smile:
Thanks for suggestions, i wrote an issue on github

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