Grow the QA team and offer tools for end-users

I’ve read quite a few complaints about PRs not being merged in a timely manner or being ignored, but it’s not always because of company policy and some of the problems could be solved by putting in place a solid QA team.

  • Ideally, one QA person should be assigned to each component or app
  • The team should come up with easy ways to test a feature. A reporter may not have the skills to use git, patch, etc.
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One QA person per-app doesn’t scale well at a lot of apps. That’s also not taking into account that some apps get way more traffic than others.

Do you have any further ideas on your second point?

That’s actually a very good point. At ownCloud there is a proprietary self developed web app used by the employed QA team.

The platform basically allows you to select a branch / pull request and it starts a new docker container on the internet for you and within a few seconds you can access your test instance at {identifier}

I think it makes very much sense to build up something like that as well. But certainly as open-source, plus we need to make some more thoughts on who is hosting the platform… Whether everybody should have access, after all they can do all kind of mischief with the platform etc…

Probably some kind of GitHub login like we have in the forum and a check whether the user is a member of the Nextcloud community would solve such a problem.


@LukasReschke OpenShift?

A person can be in charge of more than one app, but at least one person needs to be assigned to a supported component and track PRs.

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Oh, OK. You mean it should be someone’s responsibility; not necessarily the only responsibility. Absolutely. I’d argue that we should have 2-3 people on an app to get consensus and to work across timezones.

This could be done as a new iteration of the work I am doing for the per user demo for Google summer of code for owncloud. It is using kubernetes.

Just wanted to add that before we might duplicate work.


There is already a list of maintainers for each app and server component: