Groupware: Calendar/tasks/deck could/should integrate more closely

Dear groupware team,

I see that there is some great progress with the integration of apps, e.g. create a task or event from an email or a talk message.

I personally would like to see (and suggest hereby) closer integration between Calendar, Tasks and Deck:

  • Create deck card from task with link, i.e. if the task is marked as done, the deck card is moved to a configurable (per board) column and vice versa
  • Create Calendar event from task/deck card - allow users to schedule when they do what - and others who can see the user’s calendar to see it
  • Offer (semi) auto-scheduling:
    • We already have working hours defined
    • Add estimated duration field to task/deck card
    • When creating event from task/card suggest suitable time slots based on working hours and estimated length (maybe involve configurable “safety margin”)
  • Have split screen calendar view (left Tasks/Deck, right Calendar), allow drag and drop scheduling
  • Add ML scheduler which learns user’s habit, e.g. “no meetings with sales people before lunch”, “no video conferences before 10”, etc… and suggests/auto-schedules events, tasks and cards

Ideas stolen from:

@ChristophWurst I think, this is mainly addressed to you? :smile: