Groups and addressbooks - migration

I am migrating my profile from NC 21.x to 23.x.

I have many contacts that I want to move to the new NC.

Due to the bug in NC, you can not rename/delete or change a group.

Being that I am moving, I want to be able to rework som eof the mistakes in the current NC addressbook.

I will be creating my addressbooks in Contact.

My quetsion is when uploading my vcard exports from NC 21.x, how to import them into 23x?

I have not tried it yet, so my ideas might be wrong.

I presume that I need to create a group, then upload the export vcard file to my newly created group?

Is there a way to place all contacts from a group into a addressbook, or besides going through each and every contact, how can one change multiple contacts at once?


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