Groupfolders odditie?

Hi to all,

I have been using Nextcloud for a while to manage file transfer from a lab apparatus controller to each of its users’ workstation w/o issue. I now want to create a shared folder for all users from a given lab to put their data on using Groupfolders but I can’t get it to work as advertised… When I get into the Group folders panel in the admin tasks, I see the Create button and a field to input a group name; when I do so, the new group never shows up as if it was never created…

I use latest NextCloud 13.0.6 with Groupfolders installed from the App store.

So, what have I done wrong?

Best regards

Sylvain Foisy, Ph. D.
Montreal Heart Institute

since it works very well here on my NC13.0.6 it could be a misconfiguration, somehow. would you be so kind and give us some more details about your setup/environment?

awww. and maybe it only works when you already have at least one group existing on your NC…?

and by reading your posting for the 3rd time i noticed that as a first step you need to fill-in a name for the new groupfolder… then the system shopuld create one. and then you can enter an existing group via dropdown-menu…



Indeed more details :wink: We run v.13.0.6 under Ubuntu 16.04; the Groupfolders app came from the official NextCloud Apps repository. I have no warnings in the Security & setup.

I already have a number of groups, each with assigned users. I did fill in a name for a new folder but when I click Create, the field gets cleared out and no folder gets created in the interface.

Any more specific info that could help me out?

Thanks in advance


sorry. i was away for some days and this got out of my mind…

but well… i don’t know what the problem might be.
have you tested doing it with another browser? from a different computer?

maybe the log-files do tell something?