Groupfolder permission issue

I use a hosted version of nextcloud still updated to the latest stable version (infomaniak, acutally version 17.0.2).
I have tried to use group folders, but advanced permissions are not working. Look at the picture:
Here you see the user fava, and in the middle you read no permission to upload (hochladen) or create (erstellen), but on the right you can see, fava is in the admin-group and has advenced permissions for every thing.
What has gone wrong?

Welcome to the nextcloud-forum!

A deny set in the admin settings for a group/person is hard. It cannot be overridden by an Allow as extended permission in the folder/file detail (Share).

Example: A group should have limited read access to a main folder. The group shall get write permission in subfolder A, but not in the other subfolders. The group must be assigned write permissions in the main folder in the Admin Group Folders Settings (Allow), which are then restricted again by the extended permission in the folder details (Share) in all subfolders except subfolder A (Deny).

Ok, I understand. Good to know. Since I do not have the subfolder problem, I resolved my problem assigning two user-groups to one group-folder: one group got only read permission, and the other got read/write permissions. Then users can be attributed to more then one group…, according to the permissions they need.
Thanks for your precious help - Fabio