Group Folders - Retention policy should not work

Hi guys

Somewhere in the forum I found a topic, that groups folders aren’t working with collaborative tags and retention. That’s exactly what I’m looking for :wink:
I installed the app and tried it, but unfortunatly in my case, also the files in the group folder gets tagged with the collaborative tag and also get’s deleted after 5 days.

Is this new?

How can I configure it, that only all files and folders outside from groupsfolders get’s deleted after 5 days?


(Ubuntu 20.04 with NC21.0.0.4, apache, mysql and php)

Please describe IN DETAIL what you’ve configured with which settings.

Thank you @j-ed
I try to explain it :slight_smile:

I installed “collaborative tags” and configured them via “flow” to tag every file >0KB with a tag called “date_invisible” . Thats works.
Then I configured the retention to delete all files older than 5 days with the tag above.

Files uploaded to nextcloud and also into a folder from “group folders” is now tagged with “date_invisible” and get’s deletet after 5 days.

I think this is working as expected normaly, but not expected by me, because I found somewhere a topic which described, that collaborative tags and retention is not working into a group folders-folder.

I hope I described it roughly understandable…

The config I’m looking for: files in a group folder doesn’t get tagged with collaborative tag and especially doesn’t get deleted after 5 days.

Thank you very much

Although you might have read somewhere that a specific function doesn’t work with group folders you should never trust this, because things are changing over the time and Nextcloud functionality improves rapidly.

Due to the fact that the Retension app only allows to react on a specific tag without the option to add enhanced filters, you have to make sure that the tagging itself covers what you want to achive. In your case I would recommend to exclude files in group folders from being tagged or just use a different tag for these files.

Yes, I’m absolutely agree, I cannot trust. That’s why I am testing :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea how can I exclude files in group folders from being tagged?
Because I do not :frowning:


Try to add an additional filter to your existing tagging rule where you e.g. compare a file with a regular expression with matches the file path of that file. Unfortunately I personally haven’t had a requirement for such a rule yet, so that I cannot provide an example to you.

Does anyone else has an idea?