Group Folders: permissions to subfolder

Now I’m using groupfolders(version=4.1.5) on nc(version=16.0.1) and I have a trouble.

Assume that there are two groups, GroupX and GroupY, and an user, UserA.
UserA is in the GroupY and not in the GroupX.
Then, I created a FolderA and a subFolder FolderA/subFolderA and gave permissions each folders like the following.

Foleder Group
FolderA GroupX: read, write, share, delete
FolderA/subFolderA GroupY: read, write, share, delete

I expected that UserA can access subFolderA but I couldn’t do so.
I remember that with older version Groupfolders, UserA could access subFolderA.
Is this wrong memory(question1)?
If not, which version fixed this(question2)?

Furthermore, I have two more questions.

  1. How can I install older version groupfolders(question3)?
  2. If there is no way for quesion3, is it possible to achieve what I explained above with Groupfolders(version=4.1.5)(question4)?

Please help me, thanks.

You could separate them into two different group folders that can have their own permissions.

Thank you for your kind answer but I can’t adapt your way because I want remain subFolderA as a subfolder of FolderA.