Group folders in the left menu (and group folders concept generally)

Hello all. I really like Nextcloud (for many reasons) and I thank the team for developing and supporting it. But there is nothing perfect in the world :slight_smile: , so I would like to start discussion about group folders in the left menu.

Group folders are a good idea (even if they coul be - by my opinion - replaced with the “virtual” user that shares its folders with selected groups; but separation from users is definitely better ).

But I miss functionality similar to the standard folders (in case they are shared), e.g.

  • to see group folders in the dedicates item in the left menu (called - suprisingly :slight_smile: “Group folders”)
  • to be able to move group folders everywhere I want in my NC space(while they still stay in the left menu).

Google and Microsoft employ many UX experts that spend thousands of hours with UI tweaking. I think Google drive has very good design. They have the concept I propose, so why don’t inspire there?

I am a former Java developer (and still remember something from Java), but I have no time to learn PHP. Otherwise I’d make these changes by myself.

You should post feature-requests (also) here:

Maybe this feature-request already fits your needs?