Group folder shared links settings visibility

For files and subfolders inside a group folder, say a user shares one via link to an external email address. That user can see that entry in the Details > Sharing pane and make changes if needed. But none of the other users from the group(even ones set as group admin) can see the entry in their view of the Details of the file/folder. The reason I bring this up is if a user leaves, no one else can edit the settings for links they shared. Or am I missing something?

If that’s the case, it’s probably because of the collaborative idea. The share comes from an individual. If this person leaves and is deleted, these shares are no longer valid. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Which nextcloud/groupfolder version are you using?
I’m on NC24.03 and other users of the group can see that the file/folder is shared to an external user (mail address) and who did create the share. But only the creator of the share can edit/delete it.
Other than that, I did not test what happens if the user is deleted who did create the share.

We’re a little behind. NC 22.2.8. Groupfolder 10.0.2. I’ll look into updating. For me, the other users don’t see anything. So what you are seeing is an improvement so they know it was shared and who to contact.
I tested what happens when the user who created the share is disabled. The share becomes inaccessible. And if they are re-enabled, the share comes back to life.
thanks for the feedback