Group folder permissions odd bug

We’re just designing a group folder structure with a client in the construction sector, and discovered that traditional group structures don’t translate well. Example

Jane is in the group “all staff” (as a member of staff) who is also in the “health and safety admin” team (and others, but that one’s particularly key).

If you have an H&S group folder that is shared with “all staff” as read only, and with “health and safety admin” team getting write permission, Jane doesn’t get write permission; the permissions seem to default to the minimum granted rather than the maximum.

There are 2 workarounds:

one is the admin and training heavy “users only get to be in one group at a time” which requires a lot of admin to set up and maintain (even if it’s possible to structure that effectively), and then you have to train people to share with every group that might need it and spend time sorting it when folders aren’t shared correctly;

the second is to share the group folder only with the health and safety admin team, then have a member of that team share it read only with “all staff”. This has 2 issues - who shares it (more than one? if someone shares it and leaves does the share right disappear?), and the biggie, particularly in the H&S context, that you can unshare a share but not a group folder. So the group folder read only access for “all staff” is essential, because this is a folder you can’t have access to.

I think it’s a bug, but posting here first in case someone has a solution already.

My take: The whole group folder app is a bug in itself … my testing has shown it far away from any production readiness … and nobody seems to care.
Or do you mean something else then this app? Then please at least state which version of the server you are using.

That’s the app we mean. Issue as described tested on 12.02 & 12.03.

您好,有解决方案了吗? Do you have salutions?

There’s a patch available at github.

can you give the patch’s url and explain how to use in nextcloud? 谢谢

Patch is linked from the original bug report:

You need some basic technical skills to locate the files in the relevant apps subfolder and replace or modify the files as shown in the patch

thank you , I fixed it
download github code overwrte nextcloud server’s code