Group Folder - externally shared folder - notification when a file is uploaded?

Hello everyone,

I manage my folders and ACLs using the Group Folders application. For one of my users, inside a folder to which he has access in Group Folders, he has created a shared folder for an outside person, which comes to serve as his file repository.

I’d like to enable notifications when a file is dropped, and for my user to be notified when a new file is uploaded to this external share. However, this doesn’t work:

  • All notifications in the “Activity”, “Files” section are activated.
  • The folder is bookmarked by the user
  • activity_use_cached_mountpoints’ => true,

And still no notifications, it doesn’t even show up in the activity with the account of my user who created the share link.

Have I forgotten something, or made a wrong setting? I must confess I don’t really understand, it seemed to work on older versions of Nextcloud.

Thanks in advance!

I would assume that you need to install the Activities for shared file downloads app.

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Well no, I didn’t know about this application !
After testing, it partially meets my needs and notifies me when a document has been downloaded. But I’d also like to be notified when a document is added to a public share. It doesn’t seem possible :confused:

I don’t think so. The available File Upload Notification app hasn’t been updated for two years now. I think a possible workaround might be to use the Workflow external scripts app to create the desired notification.