Group call notifications

Hello! We are using nextcloud 24.0.2 with desktop client 3.5.1 and the high-performance backend for spreed. So client show peer-to-peer notifications with no problem but in group conversation client show only when conversation was ended. How can we get starting a group call notifications?
P.S. all checkboxes are on.

So, any ideas?

I found a problem. Spreed has problems with translation to Russian language in file Notifier.php in function parseCall (654 string). If change text of notification and button text like type one to one button it runs good!

Для русско говорящих: в 654 и 655 строке поменяйте текст уведомления и текст кнопки на аналогичный из одиночного звонка, только переменную [call] оставьте, т.к. в ней хранится имя вызова.