Group/Calendar linking


I have been using Nextcloud for some time and I thought of an evolution that might be interesting.

Would it be possible to add a link between a contact group and a calendar to share a calendar with the group. In absolute terms, I envisioned a group calendar in which the anniversaries of the members of the group would go back. This would allow you to share only the events of the group without sharing all the birthdays of my contacts.

I don’t know if this post is in the right section, I hope I get an answer.
Thanks by advance.

Would this be achieved by having one birthday calendar per address book?

Thanks for your time.

I had not focused enough on this aspect (multi adress book) and it would be a solution :slight_smile:
maybe even better than what I had in mind :+1:

Hi @tcit

Can you tell me when you think you have time to work on this evolution please ?

I’m just a volunteer. Assume it will never happen. :slight_smile:

I’d start by opening an issue on Github.

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maybe you’re up for giving it a try yourself? :wink: