Group-based Folders

Hi everyone,

i was wondering if there is a way to create and manage a folder or multiple folders, based on a groups directory rather than a users directory.

We are thinking about using nextcloud in our RPG ( ) for a permanent storage and collaboration-plattform for documents and files.

The problem is, that our players and so to say “teamleaders” are switching quite regularly so that a user based directory can become a problem sometimes.
We noticed that a shared folder gets deleted when the user of the original owner gets deleted. Is there a way to prevent this?

I’d like to have something like a “group drive”, where Files and Folders can be placed and stored as long as the group exists, independent of the users that participate.

best regards and thanks


You can use a generic admin account that shares a folder with a group (not the teamleader themselves).


Indeed as @tflidd says, create a “share” account and share folders from it to the relevant group. I’ve done this with family for many years.

Haven’t thought about a way as easy as that :smiley: Thank you!

The downside in larger installations (with less technical users) is that ppl can unshare the folders and can’t get them back. the new Group Folders app solves that -

just FYI :wink: