Grid and List View are applied universally, not folder-specific

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Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 17.0.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04):Ubuntu 18.04
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): Apache 2.?
PHP version (eg, 7.1):7.3

The issue you are facing: When changing between grid view and list view in the web UI, the change is applied universally to all folders (including parent and sibling folders) instead of being folder-specific. As I understand the idea at one point was to have the view inherited from a parent folder unless the user overrides it for a specific folder. Is this no longer the expected result?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. In the web UI, navigate to a subfolder
  2. change the view while in that folder
  3. now that view is applied to all folders everywhere

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:

No relevant log found, but I'm not sure where this behavior would be logged.

The output of your config.php file in /path/to/nextcloud (make sure you remove any identifiable information!):

I'll provide this if someone thinks it may be relevant, but I'm not sure it is?

The output of your Apache/nginx/system log in /var/log/____:

I'll provide this if someone thinks it may be relevant, but I'm not sure it is?

Thanks for any help, or at least confirmation whether this is expected behavior.

Thank you for reporting this, but an issue ticket already exists which covers the described behavior.

Thanks. I did see that, but I was a little unsure because (a) it talks about “On Android…” and (b) it doesn’t describe what the current expected behavior is on the web UI, only the proposed functionality. So are you saying my experience is (currently) the expected behavior in the web UI?

Yes, this is currently the expected behavior. The issue ticket has been created in the “server” repository, therefore it requests to handle the view on a server in the same way as it is already done on Android devices :wink:

Got it. Thanks.