Great confusion about apps in Nextcloud

Nextcloud 17.0.2.

  1. I am so very confused. How does a person install an app in Nextcloud?

  2. When I am signed into my Nextcloud site as the administrator, and click on “+ Apps”, I get a list of my installed apps, but I don’t see any categories showing that I am connected to an app store. If I click on the three line “hamburger menu” on the top left side of the apps window, the list shifts to the right only to reveal just a white area to the left with no text in it.

  3. Last question: From the web site for the app store I downloaded the tar.gz file for an app, but I hesitate to decompress it, because I don’t know the correct way to install such a file. Where do I find instructions for the tar.gz files?

As Admin, just click in a App-Category on the left side and you’ll see all Apps for that category and have the option to download and activate it (IF you see the hamburger a click on it should open the category list:

Did you clean your cache? Did you try it with an other browser?

For tar.gz, asuming your under windows, you can use 7zip

To 3.

  • You copy the tarball to the server (independent where - just remember the path :wink: )
  • go to your nextcloud directory /path/to/nextcloud/apps
  • unpack here tar zxf /path/to /your/tarball.tar.gz
  • maybe you have to change the directory owner
    chown -R webuser.webgroup neue_app
  • now you should see the app in nextcloud
  • next you have to configure (depends of the app) the app

When I click on the hamburger menu, nothing appears, there are no categories.

I tried different browsers on the same computer, same problem.

I tried a different browser on a different computer, I did NOT have the problem.

I don’t know what to do at this point to make the app categories appear on the first/original (my main) computer. Any thoughts?

Do you have a antivir-Program installed? Try to deactivate it’s webfilter-funktions…

Do you mean an anti virus program?

No, I do not have an anti virus program installed.