GpxPod doesn't acknowledge files

I’ll start off by saying that as one who travels quite a bit, GpxPod is appreciated very much. It’s great not only for maintaining and reviewing records of visits to obscure locations but also for enabling family, friends and colleagues to know where I am once a current track has been uploaded - to a secure, private server :grin:

A problem has arisen: In spite of “reprocessing” a number of times, the app no longer recognises my gpx files within the designated folders. I experienced this in NC 10-something-or-other but then, mysteriously, it began to function properly. Unfortunately, when I upgraded to 11.0.1 this frustrating issue has hit me in the face once again :grimacing:

Any suggestions?

You might try the official bugtracker as well:

Did you try with GpxPod v2.0.1 ?

Could you create an issue (in the issue tracker) with GpxPod version number, the Nextcloud log and the browser javascript log when you choose a folder ?

I’ll be glad to help.

Hello Julien,

Seems to work again. Flawlessly, in fact!

As I had mentioned in my first message; it’s a very useful app. Thank-you for developing it.