GPS Live Tracking via PhoneTrack and Locus Map

Hi all,
I’ve got a special question regarding gps live tracking via the server app PhoneTrack in combination with the android gps app Locus Map. Maybe someone has already played around with this combination?

The problem: Locus Map sends the data to the server (URL) and says for each sending it’s OK. But in the app PhoneTrack on the server I get only one location where the position and also the timestamp are wrong. Only the name and it seems the altitude is shown correctly.

BTW: Locus Map is not listed in the gps apps officially tested for PhoneTrack :slight_smile:
Live Tracking via Locus Map worked with other webservices, but I would prefer to run it on the own server.

Any hint for me how to find the cause or misconfiguration?


As LocusMap is not free (as in “free speech”) and not free (as in “free beer”), i can’t tell if LocusMap can be configured to correctly log to PhoneTrack or if it’s simply impossible and compatibility must be implemented…

This subject is discussed in an issue of the gitlab project.