Google stop SMTP gateway 2022 May 30th

Google sent me notifications about closing SMTP relay with gmail. We are not able anymore to use the smtp gateway for outgoing emails soon.

Does anyone know if nextcloud community is aware about it and prepare an Oauth 2.0 authentification to replace smtp outgoing email feature ?
Do you know if an external application accept smtp IN → oauth 2.0 OUT and can be used as gmail proxy ?
Do you think using a gmail smtp gateway on google app workspace, as explain on many forums, is a reliable solution ?

Thanks all for the great job with nextcloud :wink:

Sorry. I do not use gmail. But perhaps this helps you. But i have not tested it.

Could you please link actual wording of what you received. Thanks.

Hi @aldfeu

Afaik they do not closing it down, but it looks like you have to migrate to the the paid version of Google Workspace if you want to continue using this feature. So if you want to use it to send notifications you probably have to pay in the future.

If you just want to use a third party email client like Nextcloud Mail you can enable IMAP in the settings of Gmail. If 2FA will be