Google stop SMTP gateway 2022 May 30th

Google sent me notifications about closing SMTP relay with gmail. We are not able anymore to use the smtp gateway for outgoing emails soon.

Does anyone know if nextcloud community is aware about it and prepare an Oauth 2.0 authentification to replace smtp outgoing email feature ?
Do you know if an external application accept smtp IN → oauth 2.0 OUT and can be used as gmail proxy ?
Do you think using a gmail smtp gateway on google app workspace, as explain on many forums, is a reliable solution ?

Thanks all for the great job with nextcloud :wink:

Sorry. I do not use gmail. But perhaps this helps you. But i have not tested it.

Could you please link actual wording of what you received. Thanks.

Hi @aldfeu

Afaik they do not closing it down, but it looks like you have to migrate to the the paid version of Google Workspace if you want to continue using this feature. So if you want to use it to send notifications you probably have to pay in the future.

If you just want to use a third party email client like Nextcloud Mail you can enable IMAP in the settings of Gmail. If 2FA will be

I’m a new user and I’m trying to figure out why I can’t use my Gmail on Mail. Does it mean you cant config Gmail at all without paying for Google Workspace

That is exactly what is written here. You must now pay for Google Workspaces. So, you’ll need to start paying (and direct your complaints to google). Or, stop using google for a service providing smtp for free; there are so many to choose from.

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Thanks for the response! can you recommend me a good free alternative?

I’m not sure. That is a personal choice, but if you want solid service over time it might be worth paying some nominal amount. Or, just search for free alternatives. Good luck.

lol, you offered me a solution but you don’t know anything about it? cool

At the moment it looks like the transition from the free G-Suite Accounts to Google Workspace will take place in August and that if you are using it strictly for personal use, you can opt out from it… Upgrade from G Suite legacy free edition - Google Workspace Admin Help

What do you expect? You’re on, not on :wink: Nextcloud Mail is a simple IMAP/SMTP client, so nothing special on this end. If you want to know which features Google will offer for which subscription types, you’ll have to ask Google.

1 Like offers solid and low-cost IMAP/SMTP services. That’s what I use.

google provides oauth2 smtp libraries, including php, to help integration of oauth2 with smtp (instead of login system).

I assume the community is working on it ? Most smtp gateways will stop “Login” soon… especially free ones.

Can anyone help pushing this development in backlog ? I don’t think it is a waste of time adding oauth2 to smtp output :slight_smile: since Microsoft and Google disabled Login method

Just found this project : GitHub - simonrob/email-oauth2-proxy: An IMAP/POP/SMTP proxy that transparently adds OAuth 2.0 authentication for clients that don't support this method.

tested in 5mn. and works fine.