Google save my NC password when I login thru Android

I have just setup my NC server on a RPi.
I encounter the captioned query when I start learning use NC. It happens again when I install “Simpletask Nextcloud”.
Does it mean that, technically, google can get access to all my data?
If yes, is there anything we can do (or, you have been doing) to overcome it?

Am I too paranoid?

Do you mean the CAPTCHA? That should be OK to use as long as you don’t provide your password into the CAPTCHA.

If not, can you please explain what the captioned query is?

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you :wink:

It is not CAPTCHA. It is after I install the Nextcloud Android apps, I open it and login to my server for the first time. After I input url/ and press <enter>, I will get a prompt (from Chrome, I said google) w/o a “No” option to save my password there.
It may sound crazy but I don’t mind to input my password everytime I enter the Nextcloud apps. I may change my mind after I know more about how NC works, what it can do and why I better leave the password of my Private cloud on someone else’s hand. but it seems that I just don’t have the choice on day 1.

Ok, I think the Nextcloud app for Android is designed to work that way (as are most apps where you log into an account). Maybe you could request this as a feature on their issue tracker (

In the meantime, what I would do is just use the browser in incognito mode (so that doesn’t remember the password or session either).

Just to clarify, the password itself isn’t stored in the app, but it’s the individual app that remembers that you authorized it to access your account. That information isn’t stored with Google (unless you’re worried Google is spying on what you do in other apps, in which case you shouldn’t be using an Android phone to begin with).