Google Safe Browsing blocking my nextcloud

HI Nextclouders,
I have the problem, that Google Safe Browsing blocking my nextcloud.
First obvious reason cloud be, that I try to distribute some malware. Nice Idea google, but this is not the case.

Second it cloud be that my server got hacked, and somebody else distribute malware. I can’t guaranty that this is not the case, but looking on nextcloud code signing, logs, history, cpu and network usage still nothing is suspicious.
So I went to google, registered for the search console, provided some proof that the domain is mine and google shows nothing.

Is there anybody who had this problem bevore? Some Idea where I cloud get more information, why google thinks, that my server has malware?

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I fight with the same problem but have no solution.
google blocked my domain on 30 July 18. It was installed on an shared hoster.

I realized it yesterday. I used it only for calendar and contacts.

The used software was Nextcloud 13.0.1. I didn’t found anything (logs …). So i did an export of my contacs and deleted the whole webspace. The Subdomain, the Webspace, the Database and changed all passwords. After this i created an new webspace with new subdomain ‘’. I installed the version 13.0.4 via the Web Installer. I disabled unused apps and installed the U2F App.

Today, my new domain with new installed software was also blocked. -.-


I’m not sure if this is helping you:

There is a tool mentioned, that should help identify the exact problem with your site.

That is what they link as search console now. Takes some time to proov that the side is yours and than showed at least for me an empty list. Downloading the examples provieded an empty csv.
But I used the button to report an error and my page was removed this morning at 3pm.

@Maze_Kreuz good look with your case. I hope I don’t get on the list again.

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Running into the same problem again. Now they use social engeniering as reason. Does somebody know if it cloud be correlated to using the default layout?

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