Google Migration Tool hangs

I’m trying to use the Migration tool. I believe I’ve set everything up correctly as it will upload calendar events. On contacts it uploads only a portion. I have 1,776 contacts and it will upload roughly 1,708 on a first run and roughly 800 thereafter. For Photos and Drive it doesn’t upload anything…but there are no errors.
I’m using the “stock” 512mb upload setting in php (which I’m increasing this weekend for a Collabora server install).
I know the information is kind of sketchy at best but since I’m not getting an error I’m not sure what I can post that’s relevant.
Just hoping someone has come across the issue before and advise on the fix. I did an internet search or three but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on this topic so I’m throwing it to the group here.
Hoping someone can help.
Thanks in advance.

what migration tools ? What operating system ? What version of nextcloud ? What app ?

How, my mistake, i did not change the battery on my crystal ball…

It’s the Google Integration app version 1.0.6 available in Nextcloud. I’m using Ubuntu 21.10, php version 7.4. Nextcloud hub II version 23.0.4. All checks pass on Overview>Security & setup warnings.

Log says: [integration_google] Error: Google Photo import error: Unknown job failure. Could not create folder by kc at 2022-04-22T12:35:04+00:00