Google Inbox clone

I’ve recently deleted my Gmail account because I think Google is eating the world. Anyway, what I really miss is Google’s great email client Google Inbox.

Basically, Google Inbox combines emails and todos in one view which helps you a lot in organizing your daily live. I think the current mail and task apps are great but I really miss the simplicity of Google Inbox and the clean design.

I’m thinking about creating a Google Inbox clone with Nextcloud as a base so I’m just curious if anybody is interested in starting a project…


I’m intrested. I think its a great app, and we should do something like that.


Ok that are great news! Do you have any experience with addon development?

I’m quite experienced in web development but I have no cloud about Nextcloud addons… :grin:

Me too. But i think its not that hard. We need to think about killer feature. What makes our (future) app special? Its not just better design. What do you think about it?

Just wanted to chime in here and say I would also like this feature. and I DO think it is the better design. More than anything else.

And the core of what makes the design good is it reduces mental load by focusing you down into two actions. Respond, or Get it Out (either through snooze or archive). They take away the delete option. They take away most of the immediate actions. It just becomes a binary, swipe right, swipe left, etc like with Tinder.

I’m a UX Designer learning to code and I’d be willing to contribute to this if I can.

Also I would say that it seems like a good idea would be to add on to the already existing Mail add on right? Maybe just give it a “minimalist” mode or something like that.

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Bump! I would use the heck out of this.

Since posting here on this idea, I’ve joined the Thunderbird UX redesign team. You can also join here:

Thunderbird is not web based per se (I think it sorta is in that extensions are built with html, js, and css but pretty sure the majority of the business logic is just a normal native app), but I think it would be good to get more nextcloud type people involved.

I specifically joined the team to push for a more Inbox like experience. If you’re interested in Open Source and can contribute please join in.