Google drive problem

I installed a new Nextcloud 14 in a ubuntu 18.04 VM at my home
Everything works fine except for the google drive

I knew that there was an app in nextcloud which could use google drive as external storage
But it looks like it is not working anymore after nc13

So I try to use “google-drive-ocamlfuse”
This is what I did

  1. create a mount point /ncdata/gdrive
  2. change the owner of /ncdata and /ncdata/gdrive to www-data
  3. mount google drive in /ncdata/gdrive
  4. I can see my files in the folder and I could create folder there
  5. add the local external storage in the admin page.
    It show me the red “!” and I could not use the folder in Nextcloud
    This is what it show when I click on the folder in files page
    “There was an error with message: Empty response from the server. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?”

I had search relative post for few days but I can’t find any answer
Anybody have any idea of my case?

It is not supported by Nextcloud anymore.

I found it in the app store for NC14:

Thanks for your reply

I know it is not support anymore
So I try to use an alternate method
That is to mount google drive in linux first than share by Nextcloud
Unfortunately, I failed :disappointed: