Google Drive missing as external storage after 13.0.0

I just install 13.0.0 with PHP7.2. Google Drive is missing as an option for External Storage. I think it was there. Did version 13 remove that option?

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ya it was announced that g-drive and d-box-support would be cancelled from v13 on.
but afaik there are external apps solving both problems…

pls search github for those. as i’m really short in time i can’t do that myself right now

Questioning myself on discourses behaviors … Did you use the search tool concerning google drive … this is at last the fourth question on the same matters.

I try to understant how the feeling about this continouus feed againt a structural board like BB or other old fashion boards

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You loves it to comment on this off topic in nearly every of your posts, right?

Use the posts already linked to by @anon99252149 above to continue. This is a duplicate.