Google blocks Nextcloud Dev app

Writing this post gave me an idea. You can circumvent by installing from Google Chrome.

I can no longer install the dev app due to new Google policy unless I disengage from advanced security. Both my Tab A and My Honor Play are already affected. My rooted phone is not.

Those who have signed up their Google Account for the Advanced Protection Program are given an even higher level of security for their accounts and devices. Physical security is involved by using a Titan Security Key, while digital security is the main priority.

For example, on Google Chrome, Advanced Protection members are prevented from or strongly warned against downloading “risky” files.

The Google Play Store received an update this week to version 17.8.14, and with it, found a strong indication of the next big safety feature for Advanced Protection, app blocking.

The site owners reviewed the latest Play Store update, version 17.8.14, and found the following lines:

<string name = ”advanced_protection_dialog_title”> App blocked by Advanced Protection </string>
<string name = ”advanced_protection_dialog_message”> ” For additional security, Advanced Protection won’t allow apps from outside the Google Play Store”. </string>

This will only allow apps to be installed via the official Google store. If you try to install third-party apps, the system will block the process as shown in the following video.