Google as a SAML Provider

I have figured that out.
After changing to NC 13, pretty url are enabled by default (or maybe not) but this was the issue.

While i were configuring NC 12, i’ve had links to saml background like this:
After upgrading to NC 13, i had to go to gsuite admin console, and change saml app setting in ACS URL and Entity ID to be without index.php

Thanks Keith for suggestions.

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Thanks @noizo - that fixed my exact problem on upgrading to NC 13.

I’ve now upgraded to NC13 and removing the index.php did not work for me. I left it 48 hours to propagate and it still gives the 403 err saying the app is not configured for the user. If I put the index.php back in I can sign on but it does not show my files and folders, blank where it should list them and I have none of the options like admin, users and personal. Is this something you experienced. (Note to self, must build a test instance)