Good configuration for small/medium instance

Hi everyoby !

I’m new with nextcloud and new about the cloud storage subject.
I’m looking to create a nextcloud instance to store my pictures with my family.
I don’t want to use google drive, onedrive or an other, because I would like to keep my data in France.

I think that I have got between 3 and 4 To to store, maybe 5, and I’m questionning myself about the best practice to deal between price and security.

  • I first searched to use a VPS, but all VPS are using SSD now, so it costs a lot.
  • I found a low cost private server with 2 To of sata disc for 10€/months, and 17€/months for 2x2 To, but there is no backup system, I have to buy a backup server wich multiply the cost by two minimum, or buy my personal HDD to make backup at home :confused:
  • I found a shared web hosting service, with “unlimited” storage for only 6€/months, with backup included, and I can use the web installer or Softaculous, but I’m pretty sure that they will kick me off when they will see 3 To of data arrived on there servers XD

So, what’s you recommandation ?
Private server with lot’s of HDD cost a lot, and they have lot’s of CPU / RAM that I don’t need…

Maybe the good way is to have a shared web hosting service to install the soft (nextcloud) and a storage service with lot’s of HDD, but I don’t know how to do that with nextcloud, is it possible ?
And, this service looks like to cost a lot, 0.01€/Go, it’s more than using GGdrive, dropbox or an other ><’

So, my question, how do you do ? ^^

Thank you everybody, and happy new year !

i host a synology in my cellar for this kind of mass data. nextcloud (vps hosted) is only used for temporary sharing and data-to-go. (e.g. data I need during traveling.) I could mount the photo share of my synology to my nextcloud but didn’t have the need yet.

you can use S3 compatible storage as primary storage with nextcloud.
and many more…

but 5TB is ~360€/year. (backblaze/wasabi)

the disadvantage - imho - of S3 as primary storage: the files are renamed and not stored like in a filesystem hirarchy. so if you access the S3 storage through the vendors web interface or 3rd party tool (e.g. you won’t be able to use the files. the mapping real filename/path to object name is done in the database. i don’t exactly know how to backup and restore this. i asume you have to make backups of your database and hope that you don’t need backup of your S3 objects as promised by the vendors. and hope that after a crash your database fits to your S3 bucket content.

one way to avoid this calamity: you mount the S3 bucket with a fuse file system so nextcloud can handle it like a normal file system. but then you have an additional layer of complexity.

compared to this a 4T (raid1) synology box cost 640€ + electrical power.


in this forum you find a thread about inexpensive hw as well. :wink:

if you want to play around with nextcloud & s3 you may run my playbook with this additional parameters.

Hi Reiner_Nippes, thank you for your answer.

After lot’s of thinks, I’ll pay a Kimsufi KS-4 with 2*2To of sata storage and do backup on my personal hard disks (I’ll have some useless now because of the cloud).
So, only 16€/months with my hard disks, it’s ok for now.

I’m using the nextcloud client wich will help me for the backup sync ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and have a good day :wink: