GNOME Accounts integration support

Hi there. First of all I want to wish Nextcloud the best of luck! I’ve jumped into this ship a couple of days ago on my private server and I really like what I’m seeing from the community. Sorry I can’t contribute with any code, but I’ll try contributing at least by spreading the word.
My worries are about intended support of Nextcloud through GNOME Accounts. If you’re not familiar with it, GNOME Shell allows for very, very simple integration of different services with the desktop, and Owncloud in fact integrates really great with Nautilus: the server is available everywhere on the desktop (file manager, open/save dialogs, etc.), which is awesome. Of course, integration with Nextcloud currently works by telling GNOME that the Nextcloud server is an Owncloud server, but I’d really love to see both services distinguished (i.e. that GNOME provided a native Nextcloud option) as soon as possible so that we GNOME users may not suffer any incompatibilities in the future.
So my question is, who’s responsible for that? Is it Nextcloud’s or GNOME’s? I don’t know whether the various supported services are installed on GNOME through some kind of extension or whatelse… So if it’s GNOME’s responsibility, I’ll just open a ticket for them to add Nextcloud as an option. Am I right?


Don’t hold me to it, but I’m pretty sure it’s a GNOME task as they’re ultimately managing the applet. NC could submit a PR though, so I guess it could be initiated from either side.

I think the bast way is to open a bug report / feature request at the GNOME bug tracker ( . This is a GNOME feature and there is not much we can do. But of course it would be great to have Nextcloud option in GNOME Online Accounts in the future, even if it also works by selecting the owCloud option.

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Wow. That was quick. Thanks for writing the ticket and let’s hope GNOME supports NC.

I’ve already spoken with the GOA maintainer, he sits 5 meters from me :slight_smile: He’s open to it.