Global access with local sync... in https

Hi all,
Hello World, this is my first message on this forum and I would like to thank the nextcloud team for their excellent work, the product is truly amazing !

That being said, I have a minor problem : I have a small internet connection and I am autohosting my server at home on a powerful station. My download speed is quite ok ~8 Mbit/s but my upload speed is ridiculous.
I would like to have access to my nextcloud (v13.0.6) files on my phone and from other computers than my main laptop (ubuntu devel). My files are basically a replica of my main laptop data.
Because of my poor internet upload speed, I would like to sync laptop my files only through local network.
Is there any good solution ?
The only thing I could think of is to change my host setting so that points to my local address (i.e. 192.168.xx.yy) but I see few problems about that :

  • I have setup let’s encrypt and I am afraid the Ubuntu desktop client will not work because of wrong certificate detected on the local IP)
  • I cannot use other webapp hosted on the same server like which points to the same address
  • changing the host files is a bit of a hack, I guess there are cleaner solutions

Do you have any advise on how to handle this ? Is there a feature I missed ? I assume I am not the only one that would prefer syncing through LAN rather than WAN while still being able to access the server from anywhere.


I am not sure about the fileaccess control app. You could only grant access to sync clients via local networks.

I’d prefer a fiber connection so that I can run the sync anytime I want :smiley:

thanks for the answer, but I cannot have the fiber right now… :confused: