Giving users access to root of the datadirectory rather than just their username/files subfolder

Hi everyone,

I am moving from Pydio cells and am excited for the change, but I can’t seem to give users direct access to the root of the datadirectory. Is this possible?

Thanks very much for you help.

From what I can tell, the only solution is to move all the files from the root into a shared folder inside the username/files folder of an admin user. Then share this with everyone in the team (via a group).

Is that the best/only option?

Thanks again!

What is root of the datadirectory?
Have you tried groupfolders?

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Hi @anon71540698,

root of datadirectory is the path to the datadirectory parameter defined in config.php

Thanks for the tip about group folders - I hadn’t really looked around the App store to see what was available along these lines. It seems to work pretty well for my needs. I guess I’d prefer if it was possible to manually specify a path, rather than __groupfolders/1 etc, but I think so long as I move everything into there and reindex, it should work.

Hey, you could also use the external storage app to manually specify a path (choose local storage)

Thanks, but I can’t seem to find that one. These are the results I am getting:


I’d appreciate it if you let me know how to find it though.

I have already moved everything into the group folder so I am not too worried anymore, but I am curious about this solution still. Can you think of any downsides over the group folders solution? Is it just as easy to apply user groups to it (in terms of access permission).

Thanks again - really appreciating the community support here - so glad I gave up on Pydio after way too many years of sticking with it :slight_smile:

Hey, it is this one.

You only have to Enable it. Then a new category in the admin settings should appear which will let you manage external storages

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Here is a screenshot of the admin settings:

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Ah - thanks - I didn’t notice that app right at the top of the results - I just saw the other ones. It kinda looks like a menu bar up at the top like that which is my excuse for missing it :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks again.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you do this. Use group folders or shared folders instead.

Thanks @KarlF12 - I am using group folders and everything seems to be working.

Sorry if I am suggesting silly things - just getting my bearings still.