Given NextCloud 14 has (apparently)

Given NextCloud 14 has (apparently) been released what is the expected timeline of its impact on NCP (NextCloudPi). Just curious. Imagine it would take a while (not least, in testing)

Since this is a pure community project which is developed by people in their free time, I suppose they will soon start testing with NC 14 and then it depends. If there are no problems, there is probably an update very soon, if there are problems, it can take longer. For productive systems, it was often not a bad idea to wait at least for the first minor release of a new major version.


Working on it, but don’t want to say dates to avoid creating expectations.

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update: I have working images, but I will wait until NC14 is out for good to bump the version for all users.

I, for one, don’t have the option to upgrade yet through NC admin panel.

@tflidd is there a subforum where I can be updated on this?

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I just got a notification that 14.0.1 was available. Have not upgrade yet.

I saw that. LOL I was waiting for NC14 stable and we jump straight to 14.0.1