Give read-rights to kodi application on same server


I have a server with both nextcloud and Kodi running.
I was thinking about giving read-access rights to kodi to certain unencrypted folders of the nextcloud data.

But I first wanted to be sure it wont break my server/database.
Anyone has already tried it?

Thank you

I general it’s not recommended to directly access the Nextcloud data folder at all.

Kodi has the ability to connect to WebDAV. I have Kodi on a laptop connected to Nextcloud with WebDAV where it can access a group folder.

I know it works with WebDAV, Except it takes much more time to load files to play.
That is the main reason I am looking for a solution.
To my knowledge there is no direct problem of giving only read access to the folder I want Kodi to be able to read.
But as I’m not sure of this I want to know if anyone has already tried it out.

If it’s read only then it shouldn’t hurt anything, but Kodi may see some of Nextcloud’s data files if there are any there.

Just to throw out another option, you can set up a local folder as external storage in Nextcloud and have Kodi also access that folder. Then it could safely have write access if needed.

what about:

mount --bind /media/kodi/folder /nextclouddata/user/files/media

and to get it permanent -> /etc/fstab

/media/kodi/folder /nextclouddata/user/files/media none  remount,bind,ro

Is this going to make a copy of all the files in the new folder?
I’m trying to avoid having copies on the same drives.

I’ll look to the solution

And making the Kodi folder read-only i suppose?
to avoid having files deleted that should be in the nextcloud database?

Using a mount point or symlink to access the data folder directly is still accessing the data folder directly.

So I tried this one, and it works, Kind of, but not exactly.
I made a groupfolder structure in but if I mount the __groupfolder to the /media/kodi/folder there is nothing in there.

Where is the data from __Groupfolder stored?