Give a certain group admin rights for a specific app

Hello guys,

I was wondering, if there is any possible way to give a certain group rights,
so that the users of this group can act as an admin in the settings?

The method I know is to restrict an app by group. Go to your app settings and you should be able to:

  • Create a group called something like Admin specific apps
    • Add whichever users to that group
  • Restrict the app to that group

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer, but i also want other users to use the app
but only a certain group should access the app with admin rights.

I think it is not possible because the user rights are not fine enough. Which app are you talking about? Why are adjustments of additional admins in the settings necessary? Maybe we can solve it for your special problem.

@julia1 this is not covered by Nextcloud itself, but by the app itself.
The app needs to check the group memberships to assign admin rights.

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i wrote my own app, where a normal user can see certain things based on a input in the database. but to maintain the database you need admin rights, because the insert of the database is handeled in the admin settings.

And how can i change that, because i want a certain group to access the admin settings:


i dont want the admin tag there i want to define it for a group, is that possible?

Or is there a way to integrate my app into the admin right priviledge (

you want to use the IGroupManager to find out if a user belongs to a group