Github issues going stale

Hello guys!

I’ve raised two reproducible issues on GitHub 2 months ago. Both went stale for the second time now, without anyone at least acknowledging them. Can someone please ping somebody from the team to look into it?

The issues are:



You can reply to the issues if you want to keep them open. Just reply “open please” to the email notification, or on github. Nothing else we can do, because the team makes no guarantees on addressing our issues. :heart:

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I replied to the issues both times I got the notification. The first time it worked, and the bot removed the stable label. This time it didn’t care and closed both issues anyway 30 minutes ago. “open please” does not work.
Both issues should receive the teams’ attention since #4304 makes your PC unresponsive and #4306 prevents issues from being reported on GitHub.

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