Github install failed

I downloaded the current release (2023-04-01) : wget
extracted it: tar xzf v25.0.2.tar.gz
./occ maintenance:install --database "mysql" --database-name "xxx" --database-user "xxx" --database-pass "xxx" --admin-user "xxx" --admin-pass "xxx"

and the answer was:
Composer autoloader not found, unable to continue. Check the folder "3rdparty". Running "git submodule update --init" will initialize the git submodule that handles the subfolder "3rdparty".

Iā€™m on shared hosting (namecheap).
Nextcloud was running on this account a year ago (on a different url/db. This is a fresh new installation)

actually, even running just ./occ without args, gives the same error.

For the development environment, you need to load git submodules and build some stuff:

If not for development, you can get already packaged downloads for all versions here:

and there is a webinstaller that can be downloaded here: (from here: hidden in community project)

Direct link for the tarball of NC 25.0.2 is: or

Index of all releases: Or via the link @tflidd already provided: