Getting permission denied errors on Mac client

I’m running the NC client 3.02 on four clients (two Macs, one Linux, one Windows). Three of them are working fine, but on my iMac I’m getting a bunch of ‘permission denied’ errors. They all relate to files in my Golang folder tree (but they’re files created by Go, not by me).

The Mac that’s having the problems was recently updated to Catalina. I just yesterday I edited some Go code for the first time since the update. Catalina seems to have tighter permissions controls - it’s often asking, for example, if I want to give such-and-such an app permission to access certain folders (although the Go files are no in any of those folders, or below them).

NC was also prevented from deleting a couple of files. When I deleted them myself, I had to enter my password, so clearly the OS is protecting these folders somehow. But looking at the files in terminal, they all seem to have the right permissions – ie, they’re owned by me.

Any thoughts?

Never mind. I found that while the files had the correct perms, the folders were read-only. A quick chmod -R U+rw did the trick.