Getting my Box going again

I have had my RPi2 Box disconnected and turned off for some months now.
I just use it for a ‘mirror’ of all my stuff on my laptop - I never add or edit things on the Box.
I now want to restart it but first would like to ask a couple of Q’s:

  1. Is it worth moving to a RPi3 - will I notice any significant improvements?

  2. I think that since I have not changed anything on the box disk then when I reconnect it to my laptop, so to speak, I wont loose any data on the laptop. Is this the case?
    How is the logic about which side is changed when there are discrepancies between the Box disk and my Laptop disk?
    (all changes since last use have been made on Laptop)
    I have backups of all data on Laptop but would rather not have to mess around with this

  3. Should I use the official image or NCP (and does this depend on RPi2 or 3?)?



RPi3 is faster, but only a little bit. It won’t be a night/day thing for you. I still use a RPi2 for my main NCP instance.

NCP supports both RPi2 and RPi3, you can also use the snaps with both 2 and 3 I think