Getting logged-off repeatedly

Using the latest NC, with TOTP enabled, I’m getting logged-off and have to reenter TOTP to log back in.

I don’t know if this is a NC problem, or the TOTP app which is causing the problem.

If it makes a difference: the server is running on a ROCK64 machine, all data on an external (powered) HD. When NC works, it seems to work well.

Any suggestions welcome.

there is no specific logic in totp for logouts. so I don’t see any evidence that it’s about totp specifically. it’s possible either about 2fa more generally or any account on your instance. could you cross-check that possibility by switching to u2f or any other 2fa provider for a while?

Sorry, you are correct; I didn’t update the bug report with the fact that my actual problem was faulty software (the OS was a much older and unsupported version which was apparently buggy).

After switching to a much better supported OS version, the problems went away.

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