Getting error as read-only for config.php

When I try to edit the config.php files to modify any changes, I am getting access denied error even for root user.

When I tried to modify rights, then I am getting error as below.


so now… how do we know here on the forum about all the neccessary details of your server… like configuration, environment, setup, logfiles etc if you always resist to give them out?

pls keep to the template for posting issues here that comes up while opening a new thread under support. it’s not there for fun or to taunt users… it’s here to enable poissble help to get on the right track. and so there IS plenty of missing information for ALL your open threads here and thus there’s this “missing information” tag…
for you: to provide those missing informations (and not to delete the tag instead)
for the forum: to know that there is missing important information


Hi @uday1Kiran

In a snap image the files are read-only. To make changes to the snap configuration, you can use a few cli commands:

So for the config.php you can use the occ commands. Unfortunately we don’t know which setting you would like to change. Otherwise we could directly point into the right direction.
However, here is an example on how to add a second trusted domain:
sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 2

More details about the occ command can be found in the NC docs:

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