Getting "Could not fetch file details" error after upload

Hi all,

I recently started getting an error “Could not fetch file details for ” every time I upload a file through the web portal. The file does show up after a refresh though. Deleting a file gives the loading animation forever until you refresh, which shows the file as deleted.

My config:

  • Unraid OS
  • linuxserver/nextcloud (docker image)
  • swag reverse proxy (for https) (docker image)
  • postgresql14 database (docker image)
  • Redis cache (docker image)

The swag config was not changed recently, so I am pretty sure the issue is not due to an application firewall.
I could not find anything in the nextcloud.log when the errors occur.

I first thought it was due to a recent docker container update of nextcloud, but reversing it to a previous version does not solve the issue.

Did anyone have this issue before?

Thx in advance

Fixed it (check out this)

The problem was the polls plugin, disabling that fixed the issue for me