Getenv PaTH empty String

System: Debian 11.1 (runs as Proxmox lxc container)
Web server: nginx
php: php7.4 fpm
Database: mariaDB 10
nextcloud version: Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.0)

Hi there,

this ticket was also made available in the German sub-forum: Nextcloud 23 - Sicherheitswarnungen

It’s about the command getenv (“Path”)

This command always returns an empty string.

Can someone help me out here?

hey @Ben-2003

As much as I understand and as much as I would like to support you … I do think this is a crossposting. Usually I’d go with the english version but in this case the german version contains way more info…

So I’m gonna close this one as being a crossposting - which we don’t want in our forums.